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    Crossfire 1o1: final of winners

    Вчера наконецто состоялся финал виннеров за звание мастера кросса :)

    Проходил он между мной и  Immortal'om.

    Оба были не разыграны, поэтому играли как каличи)))))))) одним словом с горем пополам выиграл его со счётом 78/74 (да и то, последние 20 сек залез на вышку в бункере )) гг гф

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    13 Arickyicoff   [Материал]
    Адекватная вечер! Информацию с описанием моей на свободу фактически завершен , перейдите к шагу реализации.

    12 pfft alex   [Материал]
    whatever... im not julien, biggy or outag, but anyway that does not matter.. you should answer to biggy as he has been constructive with you, you should do the same towards him instead of being purely subjective..

    11 Alex   [Материал]
    i prefer hlccl, coz i started it and i play it. how many true ppls? biggy, outag, julien? thats all? well.. so many ppls play MEGA TRUE ag ... yes, u are right, i dont understand ur true hldm.

    about cheats: record the demo and upload it, then tell me that u are clean.
    about rayvex: everybody got bad days. and bb server is suxx. u know it.

    10 pfft alex   [Материал]
    bla..... alex is simply disgusted of the true AG... he plays the game how he wants it to be and i find that quite autistic..

    i m quoting biggy, every intellectually honest person knows and can't deny that BIGGY has been, and is still the best of the adrenaline-gamers out there.

    so you should question yourself about your "style" and start learning the true ag, because you lost many years trying to be the best in a random gamemode supported by autistic noobs

    and for ur personnal satisfaction, what is the best in ur opinion, being the best in the TRUE AG(tdm) (and it would make you the best in Half Life, cause AGTDM is half life) or being the best in HLCCL (which is a MINOR gamemode played by ppl who dont understand ag) ? the choice woule be quick for me .. :D

    greetz from UK

    9 BIGGY7   [Материал]
    It's always easy to say the guy who beat you is a cheater Alex, but you know what ?
    1) You have no proof.
    2) Only your fan boys will trust you. People that specs me and are intellectually honest know i'm not cheating.
    3) Yesterday you lost on hlccl against rayvex. Is he cheating too ? Or did he use egon in hlccl? :}

    Now about my gluon style, I would like to remind you that when you start an AG serv the mode is TDM, did you ever wonder why? Because the true AG mode is TDM. Do you know when the HLCCL mode was implemented into AG ? I bet you don't. Moreover, gluon is a weapon like gauss. What would you say if I ask you to stop using gauss because it's unfair? That I'm a dumb noob, wont' you? Hey, that's exactly what I think about you. :}}
    So go fuck yourself fucking hating dumb noob.

    8 Alex   [Материал]
    1) sure, but Biggy used cheats and everybody know it. and biggy cant play without egon and tdm. Biggy will be raped @ hlccl without cheats.

    2) no cheats? then why u posted screen in 4 sec before the end? wink

    3) well.. if u didnt use anything - i can say one thing. other ppls like WS and Ghost won me, and i won them. there is no the best player, u know it. but i dont count u, and im not alone. anybody dont count u as player because of ur tdm-egon style. and u never will be the best.

    4) read this news more times or use google translate. this tournament not finished. im not the best yet :P

    7 alex is #2 lol   [Материал]
    lol alex you're not TOP1 in the world @ crossfire it's biggy :D you are top 2 maybe.. lol

    greets from UK :D

    6 Biggy The Best   [Материал]
    Biggy the best @ Crossy Alex noob

    5 Gosu   [Материал]

    4 =)   [Материал]
    tashi alex)

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